Jkssb Best book for GK

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Jkssb Best book for GK

JKSSB  GK  Portion 

Jkssb Best book for GK

In this post we will discuss about Jkssb Best book for GK  .This section holds more importance with 30 questions being asked from this section. The table given below describes the detailed syllabus of Gk portion. 



General Awareness with special reference to J&K UT

(i)            Physical and Political divisions of India

(ii)          Indian Culture and Heritage

(iii)         Freedom Struggle/Movement

(iv)         Current Events of International and National importance

(v)          Demography- Census, its functions, and features

(vi)         Important Lakes and Rivers

(vii)        Climate, Weather, Crops

(viii)      Means of Transport of India


·         Economy,

·         History,

·         Geography,

·         Culture, and Heritage,

·         Important Tourist Destinations

Jkssb Best book for GK

Jkssb Best book for GK
Jkssb Best book for GK

Jkssb has always put  GK  portion in all the exam syllabus notified by the board so far whether it a simple graduate level , 10+2 level  , 10 the level or  any technical post like j.e , draftman, jr grade nurse or others 

  The criteria of syllabus for many post  are now including the General  knowledge portion s viz -a -viz PAA | FAA | Compiler | Finance Inspector | finance Sub inspector |Forester | VLW | Patwari | Stock Assistant | MVI | Si | J.A etc

Jkssb Best book for GK

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Top You tube channels for General knowledge 


 First of all let me clarify that  exam is not of that sort in which you need to read newspaper for current affairs. Exam will ask you only to the point questions for which you will have to answer to the point and so your preparation for this indeed should be to the point.

I always followed GKTODAY for current affairs. Let me tell you what should be your strategy while preparing current affairs.

  1. Follow the GKTODAY YouTube channel daily to watch video the one they upload everyday. Just watch the video, don’t even try to mug up anything. Video length is generally short i.e. around 15–20 minutes. So it will hardly take 20 minutes of yours.
  2. Again they upload weekly video, where questions of previous 7 days are covered. Again just watch video don’t mug up anything.
  3. Now in the month end again watch their monthly video which may be 3–4 hours long. But believe me it is worth watching. Now every current affair of the month is in your subconscious mind.
  4. Now when the exam is one month away stop watching videos and start watching monthly videos again.
  5. 10 days before exam, download GKTODAY app and start attempting their monthly MCQs which are exactly same as they have covered in their videos. This will solidify your revision and you will get confidence too.

That’s it. This is all what you need to do for current affairs. If you can follow this religiously, you will do wonders.

Note – You should be thorough with the current affairs of past 6 months at least. In case you start preparing late, try to cover Current affairs of last 4 months first.



     It is one of the best youtube chanel for genral awareness , static gk,current affairs,banking awareness , aptitude and other subjects with easy approach 

Jkssb Best book for GK

3.     Best channel for current affairs for upsc| drishti ias and onlyias

Jkssb Best book for GK
Jkssb Best book for GK


      Jkssb Best book for GK

5. Chaudhary Success point

Jkssb Best book for GK


Jkssb Best book for GK
Jkssb Best book for GK

7. Varun Awasthi

Jkssb Best book for GK
Jkssb Best book for GK

8. Unacademy Current Affairs

     Jkssb Best book for GK

 9.Let’s Topper

Jkssb Best book for GK
Jkssb Best book for GK




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11. Crazy GkTrick




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12. Way to Success


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13 StudyIQ IAS

UPSC Civil Services Examination is the most prestigious exam in the country. It is important to lay a comprehensive and strong …

    What are the best YouTube channel for SSC-CGL preparation?

I hope you are preparing for either CGL MAINS OR CGL18 , you can prepare for both by self study

here is strategy you should follow topic wise which channel you should follow


  1. For Geometry/ cordinate geometry/time speed distance /HCF,LCM/ number system or other topic follow :  Abhinay Sharma sir you tube channel
  2. Percentage/SI,CI Follow : Rakesh yadav sir you tube channel
  3. Profit,loss/ trigonometry/ mixture allegations/ rest topic : Cgl aptitude pathsalaa


All grammar rules/ voice/comprehension/direct indirect/cloze test : Cgl aptitude pathsala you tube channel

For vocub/ idiom phrase: study iq channel/Ashish sir tutorial



Best books for Computer
Best books for English
top Recommended books for Math and Reasoning 
Other books
Best books for Computer

Here is the list of top recommended books for Jkssb Computer section . you Can download it free here ..Best of luck

Best books for English

English is one of the most Scoring chapter in the jkssb competative Exam . so here are the best top rated recommended books for the jkssb exam.

top Recommended books for Math and Reasoning 

Recommended books for Math and Reasoning 




Other books








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