Economics Notes jkssb pdf

[PDF] Economics Notes jkssb pdf
Economics Notes jkssb pdf 15


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Economics Notes jkssb pdf 

Economics notes jkssb pdf download- Hello everyone, in this article we will discuss
the Economics book pdf free download. 

         For the aspirants, who are preparing for JKSSB JKPSC SSC BANK and other government job examinations, this book is one of the best books to prepare Economics. This Economics book is also useful for the aspirants who are comfortable in Hindi or English because this book is available
in both languages English and Hindi.

Economics Notes jkssb pdf

As we all know, the economics section plays a very crucial role in JKSSB JKPSC AND SSC and other government job examination. To prepare the economics section with latest tips this book is best. This economics book consists of each chapter with

detailed explanation and solved examples.

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About economics for jkssb pdf 

Book Name –Economics Notes jkssb pdf

Author Name- —
Format- PDF

Size- 35 mb

Pages- 145(English)
Language- English
Publication-          Publication

Contents of Economics Notes jkssb pdf

 It is exclusively prepared for the students who wish to appear for JKSSB JKPSC SSC and Bank graduate/post graduate students appearing for various competitive examinations in Economic

Economy: Economics  jkssb pdf

Economics Notes jkssb pdf
Economics Notes jkssb pdf

“Indian Economy” A Complete Study Material

 Economic Planning in India

 Five Year Plans after the Liberalization

Five Year Plans before the Liberalisation

How to Measure Human Development Index?

Sustainable Development: Background, Definition, Pillars & Objectives

 Jargons of Economics-I Supply Demand , curves in economics etc

 Jargons of Economics-II

 Nature of Indian Economy: Structure and Key Features

 What is the role of the Finance Commission in Fiscal Federalism?

 Public Sectors in Indian Economy: Objectives, Importance, Performance &Problems

 New Economic Policy of 1991: Objectives, Features and Impacts

 20 Important facts about Indian Economy-2022

 What is the Sector-wise contribution of GDP in India?

 List of Important Schemes launched by the Modi Government

 Money Supply and Inflation

Taxation in India: An Overview

 Components of Financial and Money market in India

 Components of Indian Financial System

  Fiscal Policy of India: Meaning, Objectives & Impacts on the Economy

International Agencies and Trade

Balance of Payment (BOP) 

 Convertibility of Currency in India 

 Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 

FERA & FEMA in IndiaProperty Rights (TRIPS) 

 International Monetary Fund (IMF) 

 World Trade Organisation (WTO) 

 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 

 IBSA (India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum) 

 The European Union (EU) 

 BRICS Nations

 International Finance Corporation & MIGA 

 South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA) & ASEAN 

Group of Countries (G-8 and G-20) 

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