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General English jkssb

           While most Indian students are comfortable with the quantitative section of competitive exams such as CAT,Reasoning, etc, English for competitive exams remains a challenge for many. With equal weightage, if not more, to English for competitive exams as to Maths, it’s imperative to gain clarity about basic grammar rules, understand the skills it needs to crack the verbal section of competitive exams, and get extremely comfortable and confident with English for competitive exams.  Does the “English monster” petrify you and gives you doubts about cracking the competitive exam you are preparing for? Worry not, you will conquer and win over this monster after reading this guide. 

            This blog will help you gain clarity on the general English for competitive exams and best books for english jkssb , best English books for preparation, golden rules of grammar, tips to improve your score in the verbal section of various competitive exams, and the types of questions asked!

  1. English Grammar for Competitive Exams
  2. General English for Competitive Exams 
    1. Basic Error Types in English for Competitive Exams
  3. Syllabus in English for Competitive Exams
  4. Vocabulary to Improve English for Competitive Exams 
  5. English Grammar Quizzes
  6. English Grammar Rules for Competitive Exams 
  7. English for Competitive Exam Books
  8. SSC Books in English
  9. English Book for UPSC
  10. How to Improve General English for Competitive Exams?
    1. Read Newspapers Regularly 
    2. Keep Revising Grammar Rules 
    3. Prepare for the Reading Comprehension
    4. Excel at Spotting Errors 
    5. Build a Strong Vocabulary
    6. Work on Your Listening Skills
    7. Time Management

English Grammar for Competitive Exams

English is one of the most scoring sections of competitive exams if you do them well. They are designed to understand your proficiency and understanding of English. Moreover, if you are able to answer Grammar questions correctly and quickly, you have more time to focus on other sections of the exam. So, let’s check out some of the important english grammar sections for competitive exams:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Prepositions
  3. Homophones/Homonyms
  4. Sentence Correction Questions
  5. Sentence Rearrangement & Para jumbles
  6. Idioms And Phrases
  7. Subject-Verb Agreement
  8. Modals
  9. Reported Speech
  10. Active And Passive Voice
  11. Conjunctions
  12. Clauses
  13. One Word Substitutions
  14. Omission
  15. How to write Articles
  16. Confusing Words
  17. Adjectives
  18. Synonyms and Antonyms
  19. Letter Writing Format
  20. Spotting the Error
  21. Cloze Test
  22. List of Prepositions
  23. Poetic Devices
  24. Rules For Tenses

Syllabus in English for Competitive Exams

Here are the major topics that are usually covered under the section of English for Jkssb Competitive exams

Vocabulary Synonyms and Antonyms
Cloze Test
Idioms And Phrases
One Word Substitutions
Grammar Active And Passive Voice
Reported Speech 

List of Prepositions
Sentence Correction Question
Spotting the Error

Multiple Meaning
Reading Comprehension Sentence Rearrangement & Para jumbles
Paragraph Completion
Comprehension Reading Comprehension
Descriptive Essay Writing
Letter Writing
Precis Writing

best books for english jkssb
best books for english jkssb

Now, let’s impart you with the key tips and tricks to crack these English section topics in competitive exams:

Cloze Test

A unique combination of ‘fill in the blanks’ with ‘reading comprehension’, a cloze test comprises of a paragraph having some missing words in it that the student is asked to add. As a prominent part under English for competitive exams, while taking a cloze test, you must first try to familiarize yourself with the flow and context of the passage.

Under this topic for English for competitive exams, remember to

  • Read the passage meticulously and carefully.
  • Link sentences to each other which will help you find the right word to fill in the blanks
  • Assess the type of word you need to fill which will depend upon the grammar, tenses, prepositions and vocabulary used in the passage.
    • Gauge the tone of the passage and negate options accordingly which will give you the right answer.
  • Highlight keywords that are frequently or prominently used.

General English jkssb/Recommended Books for English Section

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