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How to Crack Jkssb Exam

How to Crack jkssb Exam  2022 In First Attempt

The jkssb exam 2022  written exam is  due  to start in coming days . The JKSSB Finance Account Assistant exam / JKSSB SI Police and Junior Engineer J.E and Vlw 2022   is now scheduled for the first week of November 2022 /. Now, with the release of the new  JKSSB Finance Account Assistant exam dates, candidates have not got plenty of time to prepare for the exam and crack the exam in one go.

To help you with the preparation study and some curated tips we have created this article with the help of an expert-

Jammu & Kashmir Service Selection Board jkssb  Exam Pattern 2022 

Candidates are advised to go through the exam pattern details before going with the  JKSSB syllabus which is referred to as below. Know more about the JKSSB syllabus 2022 .

JKSSB EXAM Pattern 2022 

  • The written test will comprise a total of 120 marks and the duration of the examination will be 2 hours. 

  • Only multiple-choice questions will be asked. 

  • The question paper will be in the English Language.

  • For every correct answer, 1 mark each will be allotted for that question.

  • A negative marking of 0.25 marks is allotted for every wrong answer.

  • Marks scored by candidates in the JKSSB  written test will be normalized by the authorities if required, to determine the JKSSB  final merit and cut off marks.

  • If the exam was in CBT mode then normalization or Equipercentile system will be applied ..know about normalization or Equipercentile system 
  • Candidates can check the admit card details from Jammu & Kashmir Service Selection Board jkssb  Admit Card  2022.

JKSSB  Exam Mock Tests 2022

Jammu & Kashmir Service Selection Board jkssb Study Plan

The JKSSB  Study Plan is as follows. Candidates should attempt mock tests and sectional tests for any jkssb  exam from  website and ensure their success. 

Know more about the qualifying cut-off details from jkssb .

Days Slot 1 Slot 2
Day 1 Popular names of personalities 

(Religion, Politics, Scientific discoveries, Geographical, Sports, History)

Introduction of Economics- Basic concept and Principles.
Day 2 Computers: Introduction & Objectives Basic Applications of Computer and its components.
Day 3 Mock Test 1  
Day 4 Various sources of energy; conventional sources of energy; improvement in technology for using a conventional source of energy (Biomass and wind energy) Centrally Sponsored Schemes- Guidelines and objectives
Day 5 Mock Test 2  
Day 6 Climate and crops in J&K and India. Current events of Local, National, and International importance.
Day 7 Theory of Probability
Day 8 Analytical Geometry/Mcq of topics studied if this is not in your syllabus
Day 9 Mock Test 3  
Day 10 Factor Pricing –Marginal productivity Theory & Ricardian Theory of Rent/Mcq of topics studied if this is not in your syllabus
Day 11 Fundamentals of computer sciences. Hardware & Software, Concept of Open   Source Technologies.
Day 12 Mock Test 4
Day 13 Weather, Climate, Crops, Means of Transport. J&K History, Economy, and Culture
Day 14 Mock Test 5  
Day 15 Non-conventional sources of energy (Solar energy, Tidal energy). Mechanics, Rest, motion, Velocity,   acceleration, Newton Laws of motion.
Day 16 Input & Output Device. Knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access,  MS PowerPoint, PDF Internet, and E-mail.
Day 17 Voltage, Current, Resistance, Power, D.C  Batteries/Mcq of topics studied if this is not in your syllabus Waves, light as a wave, Sound waves, Transverse and longitudinal waves/Mcq of topics studied if this is not in your syllabus
Day 18 Mock Test 6  
Day 19 Number series. Letter series 
Day 20 Coding decoding Direction sense.
Day 21 Mcq of topics studied if this is not in your syllabus Mcq of topics studied if this is not in your syllabus
Day 22 Mock Test 7  
Day 23 Flora and Fauna of J&K Rivers and Lakes
Day 24 Structure of an Atom  Solids, Liquids,   and Gases(Basics)
Day 25 Pricing under various forms of Market./ Mcq of topics studied if this is not in your syllabus Factors of production & Laws of Production./Mcq of topics studied if this is not in your syllabus
Day 26 Mock Test 8  
Day 27 Life processes: Nutrition and its types, Transportation of water & food, Respiration, and minerals in plants. Vitamins – diseases related to vitamin deficiency
Day 28 Mcq of topics studied if this is not in your syllabus
Day 29 Concept of   Economic Growth and its   measurement Characteristics and problems of developing economies.
Day 30 Mock Test 9  
Day 31 Rules for Journalizing. Trial Balance
Day 32 Trading Account. Profit Loss Account and Balance Sheet
Day 33 Important Tourist Destinations. J&K Panchayati Raj Act, 1989 (as amended up to December 2020), 73rd & 74th Constitutional amendments.
Day 34 Mock Test 10  
Day 35 Blood relations, Logical Reasoning & Mental Reasoning. Demography-Census, its features, and functions
Day 36 Concept of Social Accounting, Social Audit, and cash-based single entry system of accounting. Integration-Reduction & Substitution  Method.
Day 37 Linear Differential Equations. Inflation- Meaning, Types, Effects.
Day 38 Mathematical reasoning, Ecosystem – Its components, Food chains and Food webs Economic Reforms in India
Day 39 Public Financial Management System (PFMS) J&K Reorganization Act, 2019
Day 40 Concepts of National Income. Concept of Computer Virus & Anti-Virus, Environmental pollution, Ozone layer & its depletion, Greenhouse Effect.
Day 41 Terms and Abbreviations used in IT. Speed, Distance, and Time, Statements, and conclusions.
Day 43 Attempt JKSSB Jkssb Mock Tests Revision
Day 44 Attempt JKSSB Jkssb Mock Tests Revision
Day 45 Attempt JKSSB Jkssb Mock Tests Revision
Day 46 Attempt JKSSB Jkssb Mock Tests Revision
Day 47 Attempt JKSSB Jkssb Mock Tests Revision
Day 48 Attempt JKSSB Jkssb Mock Tests Revision
Day 49 Attempt JKSSB Jkssb Mock Tests Revision

Jammu & Kashmir Panchayat – Accounts Assistant Mock Interviews

Jammu & Kashmir Panchayat – Accounts Assistant (Finance) Preparation Tips

Some general preparation tips regarding the Accounts Assistant Finance Exam are listed below:

1. Practice Mock Tests: Mock Tests are important to analyze and depict candidates’ preparation regarding different sections. It will help the applicants understand which section or topic needs more attention and which topic is a weak point for them. jkmock Mock Tests are designed by our exam curated experts in order to assist your preparation well for the exam.

2. Analyze the Mock Tests: Attempting a mock test or sectional test alone will not suffice your purpose. Candidates are required to devote enough time analyzing each question to understand what went wrong and what were their correct attempts.

3. Time Management: Candidates need to manage their time in order to improve their overall score in the long run. Give sufficient time to the section/subject you face the most difficulty in and devote a substantial amount of time to your stronger areas.


Disclaimer: does not own books pdf, neither created nor scanned. We just provide the link already available on the internet and in google drive. If in any way it violates the law or has any issues then kindly mail us [email protected] to request for the  removal of the link.

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