Best books for jkssb Accountancy

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Best books for jkssb Accountancy

JKSSB Accounts Assistant Accounts and Book-keeping Best books for jkssb accountancy 

In this post we will discuss about Best books for jkssb Accountancy  This section holds more importance with 30 questions being asked from this section. The table given below describes the detailed syllabus of Accountss and Bookkeeping. 

Subject  Syllabus
Accountss and Bookkeeping  Introduction to Financial Accounting and its terms;

Accounting Equations and Journal;

Voucher Approach in Accounting;

Bank reconciliation Statement;

Financial Management/Statements;

Partnership Accounts;

Trading Accounts; Profit Loss Accounts and Balance Sheet;

Concept of Social Accounting, Social Audit, and cash-based single entry system of Accounting;

Public Financial Management System (PFMS);

Best books for jkssb Accountancy

Ledger Accounts;

Cash Book,

Financial Audit;

Elements of Double entry Book Keeping;

Rules for journalizing;

Trial Balance.

Best books for jkssb Accountancy

best books for accountancy
best books for accountancy

Jkssb has now changed the criteria of syllabus for many post and are now including the financial accounting | financial knowledge is every finance department posts viz -a -viz PAA | FAA | Compiler | Finance Inspector | finance Sub inspector etc 

Best books for jkssb Accountancy

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Here is the list of top recommended books for Jkssb Computer section . you Can download it free here ..Best of luck

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English is one of the most Scoring chapter in the jkssb competative Exam . so here are the best top rated recommended books for the jkssb exam.

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