Children Animal Atlas pdf

Children's Animal Atlas pdf.

Children’s Animal Atlas PDF

Book Details:-

Book Name: Animal Atlas
Author/Publisher: DK Publications
Language: English
No of Pages: 98 Pages
File Type: PDF (Downloadable)
File Size: 27 MB
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Children Animal Atlas pdf 18
Children Animal Atlas pdf
Children Animal Atlas pdf.

         Children’s Illustrated Animal Atlas PDF free download – An atlas usually shows maps of different countries, but animals often live across borders. The maps in this book show many of the world’s different habitats, which is the environment where an animal lives, such as a desert. Some islands are also shown, since they have animals that are found nowhere else.

Animal Atlas PDF Book Free Downlead Children’s illustrated animal atlas pdf book for free download. This book contains information about the birds and animal around the world with picture and map of respective country and contingent. More than 600 + amazing animals with their details. One of the best book to increase the IQ of Children and acquire knowledge. Smithsonian book is useful for the students preparing for competitive exams.

Contents of book Children Animal Atlas pdf

 The world

 North America

 North America


 Great Plains

 Eastern Forests

Western deserts

Central America




 South America

 Amazon rain forest

 Andean mountains









Sahara desert

Congo Basin

Southern savanna

Southern savanna

 Kalahari desert


 Kruger National Park


Northern European taiga

British Isles

 European forests

 The Alps

European steppe

Mediterranean scrubland

 Białowieża Forest




 Asian steppe

 Central Asian deserts

Tibetan Plateau

 East Asian forests

 Arabian Peninsula

 Indian forests

Southeast Asian rain forest

Gobi desert



New Zealand

 Great Barrier



The Arctic

Oceans and seas

 Atlas picture quiz




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                   This atlas book is one of the best book must be in every library. Very helpful to understand the nature and eco system with minute details of specific animals. Therefore, most of schools are included this atlas in their syllabus. Thanks for visiting

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